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Hashashin Cartel Alliance Details - Hashashin Cartel []
Alliance Details - Hashashin Cartel [] е јебига сад, оде ми брод у курац, хајмо на пиће
Kills: 17650 Executor:
Losses: 8498 Members:
ISK destroyed: 2129.46B Start Date:
ISK lost: 389.2B Corporations:
Efficiency: 84.55%
Top Losers
December 2021
Corporation Losses
All time
Corporation Losses
Hounds of War. 1. Hounds of War. 2938
Creative Destruction 2. Creative Destruction 1636
Operation Neo-Tokyo 4. Operation Neo-Tokyo 578
Border Patrol 5. Border Patrol 531
The Six-Pack Syndicate 6. The Six-Pack Syndicate 508
Tailor Company 7. Tailor Company 443
International Space Pimps 8. International Space Pimps 184
Rep-X 9. Rep-X 169
Organic Fruit Corporation 10. Organic Fruit Corporation 67
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